Applying Knowledge Delivering Results

In the past years, the experience in managing PHASER and the collaboration with Motorola University has assisted PAPC Group to develop its own niche in the area of leadership development based on the action learning principles
Since 1993, through the strategic programmes division of MIGHT, the group has enjoyed immense exposure in developing high level strategies in many sectors and fields of excellence. This experience has helped the group to create its own methodology framework namely STRATEGIM and RELATEK 
The close collaboration with Motorola University and, Zairi Institute and ECTQM in the UK has given the group the strategic advantage to provide solutions in the area of performance management especially in the application of six sigma, strategic benchmarking and balanced scorecard 
Having successfully completed technology maps in 5 sectors and assisted the creation of technology blueprints for the defense and aerospace industry, the group has proven track record in the this specialized area of technology management 
In the area of event management, the group has provided IT systems to organizations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia. This capability was largely derived from the in-depth experience in managing the Langkawi International Dialogue. With past and current partners such as DELL, Posdata (of Korea), and Satyam, the group has the right ingredients to provide niche service in the area if ICT 
PHASER has given the group its own unique brand for entrepreneurship development. Initiated more than years ago, PHASER’s approach in utilizing action learning as the approach towards developing applied knowledge for budding entrepreneurs has shown great success especially in the past five years. Today, the group is ready to bring this proven methodology to other partners globally 



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